Many people consider security a luxury item.  This is something that we want to change – we want security to be available to everyone.

Being secure should not be complicated or require an unnecessary amount of time which could be better utilised elsewhere.  It should be simple and easily accessible, which is why we are investing in advanced, automated and cost-effective services and solutions that can be administered by anyone in the company.

Safestate is a security platform containing modules which can test different parts of an organisation’s information security.  Currently, we can test employees, IT systems and organisational preparedness.  What makes our platform unique is that all services in the platform are linked to a risk value.

SafeState can translate that risk value into potential costs associated with the risk.  This makes it easier for an organisation to determine whether the risk is worth addressing.

Safestate is created and developed by Secify in Sweden.  We provide security solutions and help address legal issues relating to IT and information security.  With our broad knowledge and extensive experience, we can provide solutions across the whole area of information security.

We have our head office in Jönköping and a development office in Spain.  You can read more about Secify at

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Our basic package is completely free and contains a number of information security enhancing services.
This is included in the free account:

  • Vulnerability scan

  • Phishing test

  • Email credential protection

  • GDPR test

  • ISO27000 test