The biggest advantage of using Safestate is the calculation of a risk value which can be used to determine the potential costs to the organisation of the risk.
There are many other advantages for organisations in using Safestate.

One platform for multiple services You can easily connect multiple services whenever you need them within a single platform.
There is no need to look for another supplier, get quotes or create separate logins.
Risk Value All modules in Safestate report the results to the risk module.
The risk module uses these results to calculate a risk value, which using the company’s settings, can determine potential costs of the risk.
A growing platform A number of new services are under development and will be connected soon.
Through Safestate, you will receive updates about what is happening both inside and outside the platform.
Developed by specialists Safestate is a high-quality security tool that is developed by Secify security experts.
Safestate is developed by employees with the right skills and expertise from different areas.
The legal sections are developed by lawyers while the technical sections are developed by IT security specialists and IT technicians.
Support Safestate is created and developed by qualified security experts and lawyers in Sweden.
If you encounter problems, or have an urgent question, the right help is always close at hand.
Feedback & Requests Secify welcomes feedback, thoughts and ideas to continually improve the platform.
If there is something you are missing in the platform, a function, module or some other security feature, please let us know.
If the idea is feasible, Secify will implement it.