Safestate was created with the vision of making cybersecurity easy and readily available for the small to medium-sized company. We believe that raising your security-level, bit by bit and day by day, shouldn’t have to be difficult.

We believe that uncomplicating and combining important cybersecurity tools are key, just like modern supermarkets have done for food and other groceries.

Safestate is a web based platform with modules that in different ways tests and enables an organization to improve their security.

For a comprehensive coverage of information security one should always consider the three corner stones of this field; technical, organizational and human security.

Our tools encompasses all of these areas.

This means that if you want to offer your customers cybersecurity you don’t have to look for, or evaluate, individual tools – you will through Safestate get instant access to the entire toolbox and will be able to freely use whichever tools suits your needs.

Simple handling of cybersecurity

– A flexible partner model so that you can easily offer your customers cybersecurity solutions.

– Web based toolbox that gives you access to an array of automated tools.

– A subscription solution that is tailored for the small to medium sized business.

Safestate gives small to medium-sized organizations the opportunity to kick start their work with IT- and informationsecurity. The strength of Safestate is to collect different kinds of security analyses in one place. This gives to organizations an important overview and control.

Håkan Sonesson, CISO, Jönköping University
We can now maintain a high level of information security – something that is as important for us as our customers.
Erik Gullestad, CTO and co-founder of InvitePeople

The basic tools needed, collected in one place