Security for your customers – so they can focus on their business while you focus on your partnership.

Safestate ensures that your customers stay on top of their digital security, and if anything happens, we’re there to help.

Customer Security

The attackers strike from three directions: vulnerabilities in systems, emails, and leaked passwords on the web. Safestate stands on three pillars: a baseline protection that tests, scans, and alerts.

Valuable Global Insights

We keep our ears open and share the most important happenings in the world with our users. By sharing our insights with our users, we increase awareness and security, enhancing overall knowledge and preparedness.

Breach Assistance

We and our partners are ready to handle the incidents your customers encounter. A collaboration that strengthens customer relations and secures future business opportunities for your customers.

Annual notifications of leaked user data
Identified technical vulnerabilities per year
Potential threats for customers identified per year

Our services

Today, Safestate has eight services integrated into the platform.
You can choose which apps your customers should have access to.

Vulnerability Scanning

Scanning and detecting vulnerabilities and security issues on websites and connected systems.

Phishing Test

Tests whether the company’s employees click on phishing campaigns. Measures awareness.

Leaked User Credentials

Scans the Dark Web for leaked login credentials and swiftly alerts if anything is found.

Cyber Insights

Monthly newsletter featuring tips, news, insights, and more to enhance company security.

Incident Response

Personal assistance to manage an ongoing or concluded cyberattack against the company.

Triple Check

Monitors and oversees the security of the company’s email settings. Alerts in case of any incidents.

Blacklist Check

Checks that the company’s domain is not blacklisted. Alerts the company and provides information if the domain is detected.

E-Learning Cyber

Through our e-learning, awareness of cyber threats within the organization is built, which in turn provides a higher resilience.