As cyber incidents continue to steadily increase, it is crucial for IT companies to provide services that effectively minimize risks for their clients. Protecting clients digital assets is no longer just an add-on service – it is a necessity.

Cybersecurity in flexible packages

Our offering is inherently flexible and tailored to your needs. As an IT provider, you gain goodwill with customers by being able to offer proactive cybersecurity tools, as well as by stepping in to assist with actions and guidance when needed. We assemble proactive cybersecurity solutions for both smaller and larger clients, but the services are best suited for small to medium-sized enterprises. Simple alarm reports and overviews are sent directly to end customers and visualized in an easy and accessible manner. When a customer receives an alarm report regarding vulnerabilities that need to be addressed, it’s your opportunity to step in and assist.

Phase 1

Mitigate customer risk using data from all of Safestate's services, enhance your visibility, and build trust.

Phase 2

You help the customer solve the issue, while we can assist you with incident management, investigation, and future optimization.

We add proactivity to your packages

We offer IT providers the opportunity to help their customers with security, thereby preventing risks, in a straightforward manner. With our versatile service portfolio, we take responsibility for every step in the security process. From preventing damage and minimizing risk to efficiently managing cyber incidents when the damage occurs.

We help secure your customers businesses, making you the hero of the story.

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Annual notifications of leaked user data
Identified technical vulnerabilities per year
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