About Safestate

Safestate is created and developed by security experts at the cybersecurity company Secify by Sweden AB. Secify provides services and consultants across the entire spectrum of information security, assisting our clients with everything from data protection to IT security.

Through Secify’s experiences with clients, it became evident that there was a need for a simple and pragmatic approach to cybersecurity.
Additionally, customers were clear that it was difficult to convey the need to work on security internally; simply put, they struggled to demonstrate the risks to management and colleagues.

These insights were the starting point for what is now Safestate.

Our vision

Our vision is to make small businesses and individuals safer by offering several basic, simple, and affordable cybersecurity solutions for SMBs and individuals worldwide.

We at Safestate are pragmatic enthusiasts who believe in the power of simplicity. When things become too difficult, they either don’t get done, or they’re done incorrectly. That’s why we believe that the best approach is to take things one step at a time – it’s better than delaying large and ambitious projects that never materialize.

As someone once said, there’s beauty in simplicity – and we couldn’t agree more.

A part of Secify Group

The Secify group consists of Secify by Sweden AB, Secify Iberica, and Safestate AB. What unites our companies is that they are all active in areas such as information security, IT security, or IT law.

A Swedish Solution

Safestate is developed by the Swedish company Secify by Sweden AB. The Scandinavian spirit provides a safe haven in the uncertain world we live in; we hope and believe that you and your organization will feel secure with us.

A Continuously Growing Platform

Safestate is continuously evolving with new services, features, and updates. Additionally, as a partner, you have the opportunity to add your own cybersecurity services; contact us to discuss the possibilities available!

Suits All Organizations

No matter the size of the organization, we dare to promise that there are relevant tools for all businesses. Depending on the challenges at hand, it should be possible to find a tool that raises the baseline, at a reasonable cost.

Safestate’s Partner Program

We believe that there are numerous companies out there that could help their customers with cybersecurity if they only had some simple products or services to add to their service portfolio.

We created Safestate for those companies.

The variety of tools available in our toolbox ensures that there is something for all types of companies to offer to all types of customers.” Our flexible partner program makes it easy to piece them together into a solution that fits Your Company and Your Customers precisely.

For some, the benefit of Safestate is actively supporting their customers in reducing their cybersecurity risks; for others, it’s about building mutual trust by demonstrating expertise that customers lack themselves. We’ve heard numerous reasons, and often they are interconnected.

Wish to talk about collaboration?

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