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Vulnerability scanning

Identify entryways into the network

Vulnerabilities of networks and websites are common, and it means there are open ports into the organization. These ports are celebrated among those with malicious intent and they will probably try to exploit them. By working in a structured way and regularly scanning for such vulnerabilities and then patching the ones you find, the risk of an attacker getting into your system is significantly reduced.

Why Safestate?

We believe in a pragmatic approach when it comes to cybersecurity; where you can, make things as simple and automated as possible.

Our philosophy is all about “hiding” advanced technology behind an uncomplicated interface, thus simplifying the work for the user. We believe that simplicity makes cybersecurity tools easy to wield, fun to use and easily accessible. In addition, it is on this basis that we have built our partner philosophy; even for a partner these tools should be easy to use and reachable. Furthermore, helping customers with their security should be a fun experience.

We also believe that some intelligence can simplify further, which is why we have chosen to link our vulnerability scanning tool with the asset register on the platform. This allows you to inform the tool what assets are behind the ports you are scanning; if the asset is flagged as important, the tool will recognize the vulnerabilities as more critical than if the asset behind the port isn’t as valuable.

To find all your vulnerabilities, our tools use the CVE-system to search and categorize known vulnerabilities, but we have also developed a range of proprietary solutions and tools to more fully evaluate wheter a system is safe.

In addition Safestate allows you to manage the vulnerabilities by assigning tasks to other employees, creating an action management that is both user-friendly and fully controlled.

Vulnerability scanning for yourself or your customers

For your own networks and systems – or for your customers’.

Safestate offers a smooth and powerful solution for those who need to start scanning their networks and systems for vulnerabilities.

Furthermore, Safestate enables a flexible solution where you as a partner can offer your customers support with their cybersecurity. Our partners range from insurance companies to IT-operation partners, and they see different values in offering their customers vulnerability scanning through Safestate. However, they have one thing in common; they want to help their customers easily understand where webpages, networks and other web based assets are vulnerable. When they can offer their customers that opportunity, a strong bond of trust is developed that provides great added value for both parties.

Vulnerability scanning or penetration testing?

The purpose of a vulnerability scan and a penetration test is the same, to test the level of security. Despite that there is a lot of differences between the different methods.
The biggest difference is that the vulnerability scan offers an automated and overall method of looking for vulnerabilities.
A pentest is performed by one or more penetration testers that with, among else, the targets IP adress tries to access the network or system.
The person ordering the test often has demands and guidelines of how the test should be executed, which runs the test in a certain direction.
The result of both of these types of tests are the same; vulnerabilities that needs to be fixed.

Often a vulnerability scan is used as a first step, before executing a penetration test.
The vulnerabilities found by the scanning tool can be used by a pen tester in order to test even deeper and find out if the vulnerability can be exploited in order to penetrate the system.

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