Incident Response

When an unexpected situation arises, it’s reassuring to have your own experts just a call away.

Whether you have general questions about cybersecurity, queries about a report from us, or are actually experiencing a critical attack, our incident response team is ready to assist you. We can provide support and expert assistance in 11 languages, and we are available 24/7, year-round. From concerns about a suspicious email to an ongoing ransomware attack, our cyber specialists are there to help you.

Why is Incident Response needed?

Having direct access to an expert in the field of cyber is primarily a matter of security but is almost always crucial in determining how damaging an incident can be. Our experts help you act quickly and do things in the right order to minimize damage.

At Safestate, we provide you access to a large pool of experts who all have in common that they are specialized in cybersecurity. Even if you just have questions about how your organization’s cybersecurity can be improved, our experts can assist you.

Annual notifications of leaked user data
Identified technical vulnerabilities per year
Potential threats for customers identified per year

Secure your employees devices with TruEmpower™ Scam Blocker Add-on

As an additional service to our Incident Response you can secure your employees devices with Scam Blocker – a DNS-protection service. This service will protect your employees from visiting malicious links or webpages.

Read more about how to secure your employees and your company’s data here.