Blacklist Check

With Safestate’s blacklist monitoring, you quickly receive notifications if your domain ends up on a blacklist. By daily scanning over 100 blacklists, Safestate promptly alerts you as soon as your domain is detected on any of them. This way, you can take appropriate actions to remove your domain from the blacklist before it negatively affects your business.

The value of checking blacklists

It is common for email providers to use blacklists to protect their users from spam. If your domain ends up on such a blacklist, it can result in your email messages being either blocked or classified as spam by the recipient’s email filters. This, in turn, can prevent important communication from reaching the recipients. Additionally, a blacklisted domain can damage its reputation and trust.

Annual notifications of leaked user data
Identified technical vulnerabilities per year
Potential threats for customers identified per year

How does it work?

Blacklists act as databases that collect information about domains and IP addresses suspected of being sources of spam, junk mail, and other harmful activities on the internet. When a domain or IP address is identified as a potential source of unwanted emails or other forms of inappropriate behavior, it can be added to the blacklist. These blacklists are then used by web services and email providers to filter out spam and protect their users from unwanted content. If your domain ends up on a blacklist, it can affect your ability to deliver emails to recipients who use services that utilize that particular blacklist to filter their email.

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