More than 7 out of 10 cyber attacks are due to human errors. Through continuous training and reminders about the existing threats, the risk of an attack succeeding is minimized. The methodology we use in our training is called nano-learning and is an evidence-based and effective learning method. With small elements of training on a regular basis, users’ awareness is increased over time, creating heightened resilience.

Strengthen your cybersecurity with Nano-Learning

Our nano-learning is based on the three main pillars: repetition, reflection, and reinforcement. Spaced repetition is an evidence-based learning method that relies on mini-courses being frequent, in a short format, and repeated until the knowledge is cemented. Through reflection in training, critical thinking is developed, which is further strengthened by dialogue within the organization – reinforcement.

Safestates’ e-learning service is tailored for small business owners with smaller budgets and limited knowledge in cybersecurity. The purpose of the training method is to educate users in a simple and accessible way without disrupting business operations, in order to raise the minimum level.

Through our e-learning, awareness about cyber threats within the organization is built, which in the long run provides higher resilience. Our e-learning helps to develop users into human firewalls.

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