Insurance companies

Cybersecurity incidents are increasing, and many customers rely on suppliers and other security-enhancing partners, such as insurance companies. In many cases, these partners lack the ability and knowledge to offer simple, packaged solutions to their customers. Helping customers reduce their risk not only provides goodwill but also financial gain.

The era of proactive cyber insurance

Insurance companies are the trusted partners for both individuals and businesses. Even in cyberspace, insurers need to find ways to proactively minimize their customers risks while also demonstrating goodwill through damage-minimizing support.

As a Safestate partner, you provide additional customer value through security, and in return, your own business grows through increased credibility and reduced risk of damages.

Phase 1

Reduce the customer's risk using data from all of Safestate's services, increase your visibility, and build trust.

Phase 2

The customer is provided with access to 24/7 support, incident management, investigation, and future optimization.

We add proactivity to your packages

We offer the most comprehensive solution on the market, with services ranging from damage-preventive tools to cyber incident management.

With our versatile service portfolio, we can support your customers by taking responsibility for every step of the security process. From preventing damages and minimizing risk to effectively managing cyber incidents when the damage occurs.

We help secure your customers businesses!

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