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Cyberattacks are a well-discussed issue, and as our digital landscape continues to grow, the threat landscape is expanding as well. Experts agree that the problems will increase, and the attacks will become increasingly complex. Just in 2021, the number of cyberattacks increased by around 150%.

At the beginning of 2022, IF launched new cybersecurity services in collaboration with Safestate. These consist of four proactive services that Safestate provides as a complement to IF’s data breach insurance (IF:s databrottsförsäkring). The purpose is to assist customers before anything happens and thus reduce the risk of being affected. You can read more about the launch here. (here)

> IF:s databrottsförsäkring

If Skadeförsäkring in collaboration with Safestate to prevent cyberattacks

Four services

  • Credential breach
    The service “credential breach” monitors the organization’s domain address and alerts if the company’s email addresses and passwords are found in open and closed leaks on the internet. We know that users often reuse passwords. With our service, we can alert you so that you have time to change your username and password before someone else tries it. Read more about the service. here
  • Monthly newsletter
    If customers also receive our environmental monitoring, which is sent out once a month. It summarizes the most important events of the month and also includes vital information about legal changes, cyberattacks, new reports, tips, articles, and guidance to enhance your organization’s cybersecurity.
  • Phishing test
    Everyone with a corporate insurance policy from If also has access to our phishing test. Email attacks with attachments containing malicious code or links to websites that infect or steal data are the most common and simplest ways to breach a company’s environment. A phishing test assesses how resilient the company is to phishing attempts. By sending out fake email messages to the company’s employees, we can test how susceptible the company is to phishing attacks. The phishing service needs to be activated, and if you are an If customer, you can find this information in an email, or you can contact If directly for activation. Read more about the service. here
  • Vulnerability scan
    Our vulnerability scan tests the company’s website against commonly known vulnerabilities. The tool scans the website and then compiles the results into a report. Because these vulnerabilities are widely known, it is especially important to address the most critical ones. Hackers also have access to tools that scan websites for vulnerabilities, and if there is a serious vulnerability, it may only be a matter of time before the website is attacked. Read more about the service here

A basic protection that suits many

It’s important to keep in mind that this is part of a basic protection. These services provide you with a situational overview of how susceptible your company is to a cyberattack. If you want more protection, you can combine these services with others. Visit for more information (here)

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