Risk management

How do you know what the biggest risks to an organization are?

Society is changing, as are the threats and vulnerabilities that exist. How do you know what the risks are to an organization, and who is responsible for finding out? Technical solutions constantly create new opportunities for individuals and organizations to exploit vulnerabilities for their own benefit, thus it is critical that these questions are answered.

The foundation of all information security is about precisely identifying and gaining an understanding of the risks. Moreover, by gaining an understanding of the risks to the organization, it is possible to minimize the likelihood of a successfull attack by implementing adequate measures.

Why Safestate?

By working in risk management in Safestate, you as an organization get an overview of all the threats to the company and what the cost would be if a successfull attack were to occur. With the risk tool, you can illustrate where you as an organization have your weak-points, and thus prioritize the work so that it is the most critical risks you work the most to prevent.

The risk management is also linked to the asset register, which adds an additional dimension to the work. The connection allows you as a user to easily filter out and identify all risks associated with a particular information asset, which creates a good basis for decisions about which measures to implement.

We want Safestate to serve as a tool to reduce costs. Therefore, Safestate can calculate potential financial damages based on the risk value that you as an organization assess. You can the use this information to prioritize which risks to address first. Simply put, Safestate enables cost-effective work.

In Safestate, you can also manage risk measures by assigning tasks to other employees, which creates a user-friendly and fully controlled action management.

Risk management for yourself or your customers.

Safestate offers flexible and easy-to-understand tools for those who want to get started with the basic work in information security; to get an idea of the organizations’ risks and then start working to prevent them. 

We have customers who prefer to use the tools themselves as well as those who want to get help from a partner in the field.
For those who take help from a partner, it is often a matter of using the tools together to create a concrete picture of the areas they are collaborating on, in order to come to a consensus about the risks that exist. Then you can distribute the tasks when it comes to preventive work.

To enable a smooth collaboration with an external partner, we think the most important thing is to usa a simple and flexible solution that gives you what you need in order to create your risk map. We are pragmatic driving spirits who believe that information security work should be made as comperhensible and hands on as possible.

This makes the tool just as easy to use regardless of whether you choose to collaborate with a partner or work with it yourself.