Scam Blocker

In the digital world, threats are just a click away. We understand the risks of navigating online and in a collaboration with Cyberscout, we now can offer the service TruEmpower™ Scam Blocker  – a service designed to provide you with protection against cyber threats, even when mistakes happen. This service provides security by identifying harmful websites and links, and alerting you before they can cause any harm.

*TruEmpower Scam Blocker is provided as an additional service to the Incident Response service and cannot be provided separately

The value in Scam Blocker

Using TruEmpower™ Scam Blocker can provide many benefits for a business owner, especially when it comes to protecting the company’s information and building stronger trust among customers. The service helps to stop cyber threats like phishing and malware using DNS-protection technology, which can save money and prevent issues with data theft. If a business owner uses this service, it can also make customers feel safer, as they know their business partner takes cyber risks seriously.

Annual notifications of leaked user data
Identified technical vulnerabilities per year
Potential threats for customers identified per year

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